When 'Vacation Time' Affects Productivity

It's been more than a month since I've posted here. I've been an unproductive blogger (on this blog, at least).

Here's my excuse: I'm a gardener, and the outdoor chores (and pleasures) have taken over my life for the past several weeks. I've been on "vacation" from this blog.

When do you generally take vacation time? If you have co-workers and employees, do they tend to take off more time during the spring and summer?

This morning, I read a recent Inc. article, titled, "Is It OK to Take Summer Vacation?" The major points: While it's important for workers to have time off, and while it boosts individual productivity to make time for rest and relaxation, the work must still be done. Business doesn't stop. If everyone takes vacation within a short time period, it can affect an organization's overall productivity.

Obviously, my productivity here, on my website's blog has taken a hit. So I'm sheepishly wiggling myself back into a regular posting routine. My goal at the start was to post weekly. I hope to continue that schedule, although it might be a little more sporadic during the summer.

Then again, how will you even know if you're on vacation?

Oh and, by the way, enjoy your time off! (Really!)


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