We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity. If you have a message to share with an audience, we're happy to help. We've worked with organizations and individuals in a wide range of industries on varied subjects.

Here are a few samples of our recent work:

Various white papers for CUNA Councils: research and content.

Print articles for Northern Gardener Magazine: various topics.

Calendar copy for CUNA CSS: financial tips and information.

Blog posts for LendKey College Resource Center: various topics.

Book for Author Bill Schultz: proofreading, copyediting, and manuscript editing.

  Blog PlantPostings.com: all content on site—design, writing, photography, site maintenance, and full social media plan.

White papers for Fonolo: research and content.


Flyer for Diebold and CUNA CSS: mock-up design, timeline, concept, content.

Feature article for Design Concepts in Cadalyst Magazine: technical topic.

Training for MECU (now Andigo Credit Union): research, instructional design, PowerPoints.

Print and online columns and articles for Madison Magazine: various topics.
Webinars for LendKey Technologies: slideshows, graphics, audioscripts.

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